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Mission Statement

 The mission of the Franklin Central School is to educate our children to become self-reliant and socially responsible individuals.  They will respect themselves, their community, and the world around them.  Ultimately, they will develop the skills and confidence to become life-long learners.




Red Ribbon Week


Monday, October 27th - "Wear Red Day" kick of Red Ribbon Week

(wear as much red clothing as you can).


Tuesday, October 28th - "Sail the High Sea and Be Drug Free"

(dress like a pirate or sailor - wear eye patch, bandana, boat shoes,

sailor hat, etc., no toys).


Wednesday, October 29th - "Choose to be Drug Free"

(each class chooses their own theme and

get as many people in their class to dress that way).


Thursday, October 30th - "Follow Your Instincts and Don't Do Drugs"

(wear animal print, dress like an animal or wear clothing with an animal on it).


Friday, October 31st - "Drugs and I Don't Mix"

(wear funky hair and/or mismatched clothing. - No Halloween costumes, please. 

Please remind your children to have their hair do's completed when

they arrive to school.  No hair spray, gel, mousse, etc. can be brought to school).





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